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The Gulf of Mexico and its surrounding areas is one of the most prolific hydrocarbon regions in the world. Our US branch, registered as PetroStrat Inc., has dedicated staff based in Houston, TX, and Mandeville, LA, to accommodate and serve the specific stratigraphic needs of this area. PetroStrat is the only consultancy in the US that has an experienced palynology team as part of its dedicated multidisciplinary geoscience staff. Adding palynology, nannopalaeontology and micropaleontology to your workflow provides an additional dimension to your data and results and will provide a much higher stratigraphic resolution.

Like our parent company in Wales, we deliver fully integrated multidisciplinary geoscience services, ensuring a comprehensive approach to meet the evolving needs of our clients in the dynamic landscape of hydrocarbon and natural resource exploration. We firmly believe that integration is paramount and a prerequisite for attaining the optimal solution to your evaluation challenges.

Unrivalled Biostratigraphic Expertise and Data in the Gulf of Mexico

Since the strategic acquisition of Paleo Data based in New Orleans in 2021, PetroStrat now commands over 50 years of extensive experience in providing biostratigraphy services both onshore and offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. This acquisition has significantly bolstered our stratigraphic expertise, enhancing our regional database comprehensively. Our in-house experts, specializing in nannopaleontology, micropaleontology, and palynology, empower us to apply the most suitable discipline(s) for any geological context. For instance, the interpretation of Miocene and younger sections often benefits from the analysis of calcareous fossils like nannoplankton and foraminifera, while palynology emerges as the optimal tool for achieving high-resolution biostratigraphy in older sections.

Furthermore, this convergence of data and expertise empowers us to delve into a broader spectrum of investigative subsurface disciplines, seamlessly integrating decades of biostratigraphic proficiency with our sedimentology experience via our Reservoir Geology Team based in the UK.

PetroStrat has consistently showcased a profound ability to enhance subsurface comprehension and optimize operational efficiency in the Gulf of Mexico.

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PetroStrat Region Expierience NAM and Gulf of Mexico

USA Experience

Micropaleontology (Forams)

  • Provides excellent stratigraphic control in the GoM and yields valuable environmental information.
  • Powerful tool in older prolific Cretaceous and Permian intervals.
  • Comprising of several fossil groups, micropaleontology is not only applicable in marine but also in freshwater sediments.


  • Go to discipline within the Miocene in the GoM; nanno’s provide excellent stratigraphic resolution.
  • PetroStrat’s stratigraphic experience within the GoM extends from the Quaternary down to the Upper Jurassic; including detailed post-well studies on Cretaceous-Jurassic sections in the eastern GoM.
  • Our US staff have provided wellsite services for numerous wells in the GoM.


  • Introduced innovative wellsite palynology in the Wilcox, utilizing both conventional and our stare-of-the-art environmentally friendly non-acid processing techniques.
  • Demonstrated palynology’s outstanding resolution across diverse stratigraphic intervals, notably achieving a remarkable 5-fold increase in precision within the Wilcox formation.
  • Enables correlation from aeolian to proximal marine to distal marine depositional settings. In the Wilcox, this contributed to some of the biggest recent key discoveries of reservoirs within the lowstand fan sand deposits in the GoM.
  • Proven very powerful in unconventional plays. Our in-house palynofacies workflow can also help with source rock characterization and kerogen typing.

Regional Integrated Studies

PetroStrat has conducted numerous regional geological studies globally, and more recently an 11-company Consortium study in the deep-water Wilcox Formation.  We have also carried out multi-client studies of the Wilcox onshore US, as well as in the Mexican Perdido area. Our goal is to always deliver an integrated product that is easily understood and applied by non-biostratigraphers.

Gulf Of Mexico Onshore Wilcox Study High resolution Biostratigraphy and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Lower Tertiary PetroStrat Featured Image

Reservoir Scale Biostratigraphic Study Of The Lower Tertiary Wilcox Play, Onshore GoM

Gulf Of Mexico Deepwater Wilcox Study High resolution Biostratigraphy of the Lower Tertiary PetroStrat Featured Image

In-house Consultation

Whether you’re working with historical biostratigraphic datasets, BSSE-derived paleo picks, or paleo-based regional correlations, there are instances when the available data doesn’t align with your seismic and geological interpretations.

Our seasoned team can assist and advise you on the re-interpretation and quality control of vintage data, exploring alternative interpretation options, and preparing correlations and paleoenvironmental interpretations.

Contact PetroStat USA

Our US headquarters are located in Houston, TX, complemented by an office in Mandeville, LA, both housing specialized stratigraphers and laboratory staff. This strategic setup ensures convenient deployment to wellsites and the reception of samples for prompt hot shot analysis.

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Address & Phone Number

Houston Office

PetroStrat, Inc,
3760 Westchase Drive,
Houston, TX 77042,

+1 (832) 8135081

Mandeville Office

PetroStrat, Inc,
100 Ridgewood Drive, Suite B,
Mandeville, LA 70471

+1 (504) 488 3711

24/7 Hot Shot (Courier) +1 (504) 210 7353

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