Covid-19 Message

A message from the PetroStrat board of directors

PetroStrat CDC Covid 19 Image

Some of our wellsite operations are being disrupted by travel restrictions; however, we are working with several clients to ensure their ongoing/future needs can be covered in the short to medium term. Our bases in the UK, Texas, and Trinidad enable a degree of flexibility; with the ability to mobilise with reduced travel distances.

In responses to the current guidelines and our business continuity procedures, most of our geoscientists will be working from home, in line with many businesses. Our laboratory will continue processing samples as usual, but technicians will work shifts to maintain ‘social distancing’ in our workplaces. There is currently no reduction in capacity for post-well sample analyses; in fact, turnaround times will be reduced with less staff on wellsite. Studies involving data review/interpretation are also unaffected. There are very few reported cases of Covid-19 in North Wales and our staff are so far unaffected. We must all play our part in curtailing the spread of this deadly virus, but business goes on and we continue to adapt to the evolving situation.

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