Development and expansion of business premises

It is now more than seven years since PetroStrat unveiled its purpose-built premises in Conwy, North Wales. On the day the company moved, in June 2007, there were 11 members of staff; today the staff number 74!

Those premises were fitted-out to our detailed specifications, which included a sample processing laboratory, a facility that continues to enable our stratigraphers to monitor sample preparation closely and also facilitates rapid turnaround / β€˜hot-shot’ analyses.

By 2008 there was a need to expand the company office space. This was achieved with the fit-out of the fourth part of the building. In turn, this created work space for: 8 more biostratigraphers; a Dry Lab for preparing nanno and micro samples and for the picking of micro samples; a Wet Lab for Thin Section preparation work; a very large Staff Room; and an Archive Room.

Then in 2009, and in response to continually increasing workloads, the decision was taken to completely refit the Laboratory in order to accommodate additional fume-cupboard space and create additional work surface and wash-down space. This increased our palynological processing throughput by a factor of 50%. In addition to this we also created yet more wash-down facilities and storage space in two local business units adjacent to the main premises.

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