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Future Geoscience LTD – Joint Venture between PetroStrat Ltd and Hafren Ltd.

The Directors of PetroStrat Limited and Hafren Scientific Ltd (which includes Chemostrat Ltd and Origin Analytical Ltd) are pleased to announce the formation of a new joint venture company called Future Geoscience Ltd to offer specialised, integrated geological services and products for the oil industry.

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Biostrat JV LTD – Joint Venture in Trinidad & Tobago

Petrostrat and Biostratigraphic Associates (Trinidad) Ltd. have formed a strategic partnership (Biostrat JV Ltd) to service the Caribbean region. Biostrat have a fully equipped laboratory in Caroni, Trinidad.

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Bouma Turbidite

Namurian Shales Non-exclusive Study announcement

Our Namurian Shales Multi-Client Study has been announced.

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Satellite office – St Albans

PetroStrat opened its first satellite office in July 2011. Located in St Albans, it provided a main office location for several of our senior staff.

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