Future Geoscience LTD – Joint Venture announcement

PetroStrat and Future Geosciences New Joint Venture
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The Directors of PetroStrat Limited and Hafren Scientific Ltd (which includes Chemostrat Ltd and Origin Analytical Ltd) are pleased to announce the formation of a new joint venture company called Future Geoscience Ltd to offer specialised, integrated geological services and products for the oil industry. Visit futuregeoscience.com for more information.

  • Combined resources of world leaders PetroStrat and Chemostrat provide the key to unlock world-class stratigraphic solutions.
  • At regional scale: Integrated stratigraphic, palaeoenvironmental, palaeofacies and provenance studies provide critical inputs for mapping sediment distribution pathways and key controls.
  • At reservoir scale: Cost effective workflows provide critical analytical and interpretive inputs for improved reservoir models.
  • Integrated high resolution biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy studies provide fine scale correlation of reservoir sand packages for field development.
  • Mineralogical, diagenetic and image log studies provide tools to evaluate reservoir quality and anisotropy.

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