PetroStrat is proudly sponsoring The Etches Collection Children’s Fossil Competition 2022

PetroStrat is proudly sponsoring The Etches Collection Inaugural Childrens Fossil Competition 2022 Banner

PetroStrat is proudly sponsoring The Etches Collection Inaugural Children’s Fossil Competition 2022! Thanks to John Gregory for arranging this sponsorship (and he will also be one of the panel of judges!)

The competition is open to young fossil collectors, aged between 5 and 16 years old. Between March 28th and August 5th 2022, budding palaeontologists are invited to enter to win the chance to have their fossil displayed in The Etches Collection Museum for one year (after which time it will be returned safely to you!).

The children will enter by submitting a short written paper, or a 5 minute presentation/video explaining where they found their fossil and why they think it is worthy of a spot in the museum. No fossils are sent at this stage! The winner will be notified via email by August 22nd and arrangements made for the winning fossil to be collected via courier and transported to the museum.

Interested in learning more or signing up?

Full information on dedicated Fossil Competition page on The Etches Collection website

About The Etches Collection

The Etches Collection Museum of Jurassic Marine Life is situated a stone’s throw away from the World Heritage UNESCO Jurassic Coast in the village of Kimmeridge (Dorset). Housing the immense collection of Late Jurassic age fossils collected by Dr Steve Etches. The museum also features CGI imagery and interactive experiences to augment the already impressive fossil collection. You can read more about the museum, including the numerous awards it has received, on The Etches Gallery website.

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