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Meet the Company

Following the move to our newly converted, and significantly larger, Headquarters in Conwy , we have continued to expand. The team of 59 currently comprises 33 Biostratigraphers, 2 Sedimentologist/Reservoir Geologist, 1 Lithostratigrapher, 16 Laboratory Technicians and 7 Business Support Staff.

Our 33 in-house Biostratigraphers, 2 Sedimentologists, and Lithostratigrapher have a combined experience base of >470 years in petroleum industry consulting. We provide all three biostratigraphic disciplines (micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology & palynology) and sedimentology services at uniformly high technical standards, giving a fully integrated end product.

Geographically, we can legitimately claim practically worldwide experience. Stratigraphically, our experience covers the entire Phanerozoic column (Late Precambrian to Recent) and we also provide wellsite services globally. Additionally we have a new Sedimentology/Reservoir Geology Department headed up by Peter Lucas.

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