PetroStrat to present at the NPD FORCE Virtual Event 30th April

  • Conference Title – Webinar: Mind the Gap #4
  • Topics – reservoir geology, unconformities, deep weathering, raveinement surfaces
  • Organiser – FORCE / Norwegian Petroleum Directorate (NPD
  • Dates – 30th April 2021
  • Location – Virtual Event
NPD FORCE Mind The Gap 3 Webinar Image credit NPD
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We are pleased to announce PetroStrat’s Mark Weldon (Director, Micropalaeontologist) and Peter Lucas (Reservoir Geologist/Sedimentologist) will present at the FORCE virtual event “Webinar: Mind the Gap #4”. This workshop aims to explore geological unconformities. Their formation and significance to the oil industry will be discussed.


Mid-Cretaceous unconformity development in Quads 35 and 36, NCS; an illustration of the timing and development of unconformities before and after the deposition of the Agat Formation, and associated younger sands

During the Mid-Cretaceous several regional unconformable surfaces are developed; the timing and duration of these stratigraphic breaks can be illustrated from the high resolution biostratigraphic data from 4 wells from the MΓ₯loy Fault Block area. Intra-Cretaceous reworking of sandstones from structural highs, and/or during lowstand, is identified in the biostratigraphic assemblages; failure to correctly identify this reworking could lead to misinterpretation of the stratigraphy.   Multiple phases of marine sand reworking and/or condensing/non-deposition are likely in some areas. Near-absolute ages (PetroStrat biostrat zones, tied to Hardenbol, 2012 ages) allow the interpretation of relative rates of deposition and for definition of time gaps to be explored more fully and displayed graphically.

An integrated petrophysical and reservoir geological interpretation, coupled with the biostratigraphic assemblage variation and stratigraphic interpretation, provides further insight into the development of the Cretaceous sections in these under-explored sands and subtle reservoir developments. 

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