SEG AAPG International Meeting for Applied Geosciences & Energy (IMAGE) 26th September- 1st October

  • Conference Title – SEG | AAPG International Meeting for Applied Geosciences & Energy (IMAGE)
  • Topics – biostratigraphy, geology,geophysics, petroleum, sedimentology, reservoirs
  • Organiser – Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG),Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM)
  • Dates – 26th September – 1st October
  • Location – Colorado Convention Center (Denver) & Virtual Event
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SEG, AAPG, and SEPM have joined forces to create this large event bringing together various geoscience disciplines of the geosciences. This event is sure to be of great value to any geoscience industry company.


IMAGE 2021 will bring together speakers, exhibitors, and attendees from across the globe. Attendees can join in-person or online, or both. The in-person event will take place at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. The huge technical program will feature more than 1000 presentations, spread over around 200 sessions. Additionally, there will be 14 workshops and 5 field trips.

Technical Sessions

This conference is spread across three days. A full programme can be viewed on the organisers dedicated Technical Program pages.

PetroStrat’s Thomas Demchuk is presenting!

Thomas Demchuk from our Houston Office will present a talk titled “Tidal deposition in the Wilcox/Carrizo of Texas: implications of a new concept in a mature area”.

  • Talk Title – Tidal deposition in the Wilcox/Carrizo of Texas: implications of a new concept in a mature area
  • Speaker – Thomas Demchuk
  • Date– 29th September
  • Time – 10.45am

Abstract – “Tidal deposition in the Wilcox/Carrizo of Texas: implications of a new concept in a mature area”

Demchuk, T. D. (PetroStrat, TX)

In Texas, recognition of widespread tidally dominated deposits at outcrop and in the subsurface in the Paleocene to Eocene Wilcox/Carrizo interval is beginning to displace long-held views that fluvial depositional processes were pervasive. Previous accounts of tidal processes in outcrops from the Sabine Uplift to Uvalde County (over 400 kilometers), combined with new data from outcrops near Bastrop, TX, along with 1730 ft (~530 m) of slabbed core in Leon County including marine palynomorphs and trace fossils, and evaluation of wireline-logs along the Wilcox shelf margin provide evidence for tidal modification of sediments throughout much of the Wilcox/Carrizo stratigraphic succession.

Tidal range was amplified to meso-tidal as the tidal prism translated shorewards across a broad, shallow shelf. Resultant tidal depositional features scale from cyclic, double-mud-draped ripples, to flaser and lenticular bedding, through trough crossbed sets in tidal-bar facies, and ultimately to facies architectures and geometries visible at a regionally mappable scale. These features all indicate a tidal rather than fluvial paleoenvironmental setting. Finer-grained deposits accumulated in broad coastal tidal swamps with recurring extensive peat mires, and tidal channels a few meters to a kilometer wide dissecting the swamps. Extensive reservoir sandstones, such as the Simsboro and Carrizo, are tidal delta deposits. In the Leon County core, repetitive coarsening-upwards parasequences that resemble shoreface profiles, but have tidal sedimentary structures throughout, are postulated to be โ€˜littoral tidalitesโ€™, the products of progradation along a linear, tidally-dominated coastline.

Pervasive tidal modification throughout the Wilcox to Carrizo stratigraphic succession generated reservoir heterogeneity and compartmentalization greater than previously inferred from fluvial interpretations. What appear to be shale-dominated wireline log signatures through thin-bedded tidal deposits need careful re-evaluation. These thin-bedded deposits can be good reservoirs: gas is readily produced but liquids are more problematic. Development drilling strategies should take into account the complex compartmentalization in tidal bar complexes. Exploration concepts need to be re-evaluated, using coastline parallel in addition to coastline orthogonal depositional models.


For prices and registration, see the official event website.

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