Triassic North Sea Central Graben virtual conference (26-27th January 2021)

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Conference programme

This two-day virtual conference aims to bring together industrial and academic persons to educate and develop approaches that will benefit both sectors in the future.

The main topics of the virtual conference will include:

  • Integrated stratigraphic approaches & improved correlation
  • UK-Norway inter-reservoir stratigraphic challenges
  • Palaeogeography of the Triassic Central Graben
  • Sedimentary sources, provenance as a factor controlling stratigraphy
  • Structural geology of the Central Graben
  • Facies analysis and interpretation – analogues with modern environmental settings
  • Fluvial diagenesis and reservoir quality
  • Drilling challenges in HPHT stratigraphic intervals
  • Big data science, supercomputers and AI in improving stratigraphy
  • Virtual core workshops

Roger Burgess (Palynologist, PetroStrat) will present at the conference

roger burgess petrostrat palynologist stratigrapher staff photo

Roger Burgess, one of our expert palynologists, will be presenting his unique and innovative PhD research in this insightful presentation.

Session 3: Integrated Stratigraphic Approaches & Improved Correlation

Title: Correlation and Paleo-Environmental Reconstruction of the Central North Sea: New Insights Using Palynology

Presentation Time: 26/1/2021 14:00 – 14:20 GMT

Register and Submit Abstracts

To register, or submit an abstract, please visit the AAPG website:

Visit AAPG Conference Website

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