With over 20 years of experience characterising the subsurface, and with a team of over 100 dedicated specialists, PetroStrat is helping our clients power the global energy transition.

PetroStrat Powering The Energy Transition

Energy Transition: NetZero by 2050

According to the IPCC, human activity is estimated to increase global temperatures by 0.8 to 1.5°c by the year 2050. This temperature rise is linked to continued green house gas emissions derived from fossil fuel usage. To mitigate against this climate emergency, developed countries are moving to embrace a Net Zero approach through adopting renewable and sustainable energy technologies, including CCS, Geothermal, solar and increased wind capacity. To reach Net Zero by 2050, these technological and scientific solutions must be applied effectively and efficiently. This is where our experience is critical.

With its focus on accurate subsurface characterisation, underpinned by over 20 years of scientific and technological innovation, PetroStrat has played a vital role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of the energy industry.

PetroStrat’s Contribution towards achieving NetZero

In 2021, driven by our people, data and technology, PetroStrat made a meaningful commitment to support the Energy Transition. Since then, we have applied our world-class integrated subsurface characterisation workflows to helium exploration and CCS site characterisation, providing critical input on both store and seal correlation and quality/integrity. Working with our clients, we have helped to de-risk their subsurface assets, allowing them to more confidently move ahead with their development programmes. As we move forward, we aim to power our workflows with more datadriven technologies, providing our clients with cloud-based solutions and, in turn, providing more insightful analysis and interpretation at scale.

How can we help?

With over 100 specialists in Biostratigraphy, Reservoir Geology, Geomechanics and Petrophysics, we have the people and workflows you need to help characterise your assets in greater detail. Contact our New Ventures team below to arrange a consultation.


We are continually researching and refining the way our integrated subsurface workflows can be applied across the whole energy space to develop solutions for the renewable energy (e.g. wind, solar, geothermal) and waste management (CCS) sectors.


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