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Carbon storage (CSS) assessment

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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is the process of capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from a variety of sources, and then indefinitely storing (or sequestering) the captured CO2 within the subsurface. By capturing CO2 from industrial processes we can reduce harmful emissions entering the atmosphere today. Through Direct Air Capture (DAC) we have the capability to remove legacy emissions and help get the Net Zero 2050 global temperature rise target back on track.

PetroStrat Carbon Capture And Storge CCS Reservoir Assessment Service Diagram

CCS site selection is based on the ability to store captured CO2 safely and indefinitely within the subsurface. Initially, CO2 will be held within the pore space of a selected subsurface store. Over time, this CO2 will become fixed within the store’s mineralogy. This means understanding the pore and mineralogical characteristics of any given store, along with other parameters such as the size and shape of sand bodies that are targeted to store carbon is critical. Effective stores must also sit below an effective seal, that can remain intact during the injection process, as well as limit vertical migration of CO2 in the early (100 – 1000’s years) life of the CCS site. Again, this requires understanding the physical components of a prospective seal, as well as its geomechanical properties.

PetroStrat Carbon Capture And Storge CCS Pore And Mineralogical Characterisation Diagram

Our solutions to the CCS industry

Selecting the ‘right’ site for subsurface CO2 storage is a key element within the industrial CCS workflow, requiring detailed and accurate subsurface characterisation. This is where our 20+ years experience and integrated technical workflows, incorporating biostratigraphy, reservoir geology, petrophysics and geomechanics is critical. By employing these techniques, we help our clients de-risk their prospective CCS sites allowing them to more confidently move ahead with their development programmes.

We are currently actively engaged in assisting clients with identifying and developing their CCS sites in the UK and America.

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