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PetroStrat Experience Global Map Overview

Geographically, we can legitimately claim practically worldwide experience. Stratigraphically, our experience covers the entire Phanerozoic column. We operate globally and are currently active on five continents, providing both routine analytical biostratigraphic services and state-of-the-art, real-time wellsite palaeontological services, covering the entire fossil-bearing geological column.

With over two decades of operational excellence, our teams have accumulated invaluable global experience working at wellsite and analysing geological data from a diverse range of basins across the world. Furthermore, our strategic acquisitions over the years have culminated in PetroStrat possessing a robust suite of worldwide data and experience. This enriches our knowledge pool, positioning us as an industry leader with unparalleled insights in our fields of expertise.

Browse Our Experience By region

Ocean Waves

PetroStrat has a wide range of experience working throughout Africa, covering much of the stratigraphic section from the Palaeozoic through to the Cenozoic. This experience includes the application of quantitative biostratigraphic analysis (using all three fossil disciplines), sedimentological analysis and quantitative reservoir characterisation, integrated multi-well studies and real-time stratigraphic support at wellsite. We have been involved in numerous exploration campaigns across the region.

PetroStrat Region Expierience Asia Pacific And Central Asia

PetroStrat geoscientists have a wide range of experience working throughout Asia-Pacific, covering much of the stratigraphic section from the Carboniferous through to the Neogene. We have been involved in a significant number of onshore and offshore proprietary and non-proprietary projects in the region.

Including these areas; South-Eastern Asia, Australasia, Eastern Asia, Southern Asia, Caspian Sea, Northeastern Asia

PetroStrat Region Expierience Caribbean

PetroStrat has acquired a wealth of experience in the CARICOM region since its inception in 2002. Our teams of stratigraphers have worked on over 100 wells in the region, with particularly strong focus on operations in Trinidad and Tobago. Given the structural complexity of the region, biostratigraphy is often required to assist with the accurate placement of wells. 

We now operate from the region under our Trinidad Joint Venture (Biostrat JV), which covers the entire CARICOM region.

PetroStrat Region Expierience Northwest Europe

PetroStrat boasts extensive expertise in carrying out integrated biostratigraphic and sedimentological investigations throughout Europe. With a strong presence spanning over two decades in the region, our dedicated teams of specialists have played pivotal roles in uncovering some of the most significant discoveries of our time. Leveraging decades of accumulated data and expertise, we have successfully undertaken a substantial number of comprehensive, multi-well non-proprietary geological studies throughout the region.

Headquartered in Wales, with two additional offices in England, we are perfectly positioned to cater to the biostratigraphy and sedimentology needs of exploration and development projects in Europe. Our prime location allows for seamless access to major transport hubs in the UK, facilitating a cost-effective and rapid deployment of wellsite stratigraphers. This geographical advantage ensures that PetroStrat remains a reliable and efficient partner for clients seeking comprehensive subsurface solutions to aid in their exploration and development of natural resources.

PetroStrat Region Expierience Middle East

Our team possesses extensive biostratigraphic and sedimentological expertise in the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula, with a proven track record of successful projects involving Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sections across prominent regions such as Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Yemen, and Egypt’s Western Desert. Additionally, recent experience also includes multidisciplinary analyses of Tertiary sections and offshore wellsite in Oman.

Including these areas; Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE (Dubai and Sharjah), Syria, Turkey, Yemen

PetroStrat Region Expierience NAM and Gulf of Mexico

PetroStrat has unrivalled experience providing wellsite and post-well stratigraphic services in North America, with a long track record of successful U.S. and international projects. Additionally, the company has over 16 years of experience in delivering real-time, fully quantitative biostratigraphy in the challenging environment of the Gulf of Mexico.

PetroStrat has leading experience analysing the entire stratigraphic column of the Gulf of Mexico from Pleistocene to Jurassic, utilising all three fossil groups to provide an integrated high-resolution, three-dimensional biostratigraphic framework.

With offices in Houston, TX, Mandeville, LA, and Calgary we are perfectly positioned to service the stratigraphic and sedimentological needs for conventional and unconventional resource exploration in the North American continent, as well as for new energy initiatives such as CCUS. Our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge methodologies sets us apart from the competition, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of delivering our world-renowned services.

Including these areas; Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Alaska, Mexico, North America Unconventionals

Snorkeling in Baia dos Porcos

The detailed (sub-seismic) stratigraphy of the eastern South American margin presents unique challenges, characterised by multiple closely spaced unconformities (e.g. Campos Basin) and significant structural complexities (e.g eastern Trinidad). To unravel this complexity, a targeted and high-resolution approach is essential for ensuring a comprehensive and accurate understanding of the region’s stratigraphy. PetroStrat offers a wealth of experience when it comes to the provision of the integrated geoscience solutions that are required for de-risking prospects in South America.

Including these areas; Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Atlantic Margin – Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile

Middle East
North America
South America
Brazil Aerial Coastline

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