Trinidad & Tobago

  • A wealth of experience onshore and offshore Trinidad and Tobago (more than 75 wells), including wellsite monitoring via micropalaeontology and nannopalaeontology of >20 exploration and development wells offshore eastern Trinidad (with several long-duration assignments of 1 to 4 months). Such is the structural complexity offshore eastern Trinidad (a “geologist’s graveyard”) that wellsite biostratigraphy is often required to assist accurate placement of wells. Routine analysis has also been undertaken of many Cenozoic and Cretaceous well/outcrop sections from onshore Trinidad, the Gulf of Paria (1000+ micro-, nannopalaeontology and palynology samples from multiple wells), the Columbus Field, and South East Trinidad.
  • Real-time wellsite micro- and nannofossil analysis is proving to be a valuable asset during a current deep-water exploration campaign (3 years so far), with such analyses being used on ten wells to date.
Petrostrat Caribbean Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map

Other Caribbean locations

Other studies primarily using micropalaeontology and nannofossil analysis include Antigua, Anguilla (Tertiary), Barbados (a proprietary study of 10 onshore wells), Jamaica (a proprietary study of eight wells and boreholes, as well as outcrop samples) and Cuba (Cretaceous-Tertiary).


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