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Our Experience In East Africa

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Services We Offer In This Region

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PetroStrat Experience Maps for East Africa

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See something of interest, or have some questions about a specific area? Please reach out, we are here to support your project and share our expertise.


  • Biostratigraphic studies of Silurian, Mesozoic and Cenozoic sequences in the Khartoum Basin and the Kordofan region
  • Several studies focussed on the Jebel Abyad Plateau in northern Sudan
  • Experience on wells drilled in the south, including the Blue Nile region


  • Offshore biostratigraphic support

Ethiopia & Somalia

  • Biostratigraphic and petrographic studies of field outcrop samples from the White Nile area
  • Multi-well biostratigraphy study and correlation of the Karoo sequences of the Ogaden Basin
  • Major biostratigraphic and correlation studies of Jurassic to Tertiary and Quaternary field sections and borehole samples from the Ogaden Basin
  • Routine and hotshot analysis of samples from Puntland


  • Significant involvement with exploration drilling withing the Lokichar Basin, providing biostratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental correlation and intepretation
  • Biostratigraphy experience onshore Kenya. This includes the Kerio, Turkana and Anza basins


  • Field work and surveying projects undertaken across the Ruvuma Basin, Wami River, Kilwa, Mandawa and Lindi Creek areas
  • Biostratigraphic analyses in the Kyela area, Rovuma Basin, Mandawa Basin and Lindi area.
  • Extensive experience offshore, including rapid response support via hotshot analyses


  • A wealth of experience providing full biostratigraphic wellsite support for both onshore and offshore exploration
  • Fluid inclusion stratigraphy, core analysis and sedimentological logging for several onshore wells
  • PetroStrat have developed  a novel, robust, tried-and-tested Mozambique stratigraphic framework
  • Biostratigraphic work in the Rovuma Basin, Inhaminga area and the Urema Graben
  • Extensive wellsite experience providing biostratigraphy support to drilling campaigns in northern Mozambique


  • Biostratigraphy, well-log sequence stratigraphy and XRD sidewall core studies on Lake Albert and flanking regions. Additionally, PetroStrat has provided hotshot biostratigraphic analysis during these projects
  • Biostratigraphic work on the Butiaba, Lake Edward and Ishasha areas
  • In-house Palynology training workshops for client staff


  • Biostratigraphic, palaeoenvironmental and sedimentological study of the Permo-Triassic from over 20 wells
  • Various biostratigraphy and geoscience services supporting exploration in the Mahajunga Basin, Bemolanga region, Southern Morondava Basin and the Karoo.
  • Wellsite geology, sedimentology and petrography work in the Tsimiroro area
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