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Far East and the Antipodes

Our stratigraphers have substantial experience in this region, having during the course of their careers worked on well sections from Myanmar/Burma (Gulf of Martaban, Tertiary), Thailand (offshore, Tertiary), Vietnam (offshore, Tertiary), Laos, China (Mongolia and the Bohai Basin, Tertiary), the Philippines (Leyte Island, Tertiary), Indonesia (Natuna Basin, Kai Besar, Seram and West Papua, Permian to Tertiary), Timor (Triassic), Papua New Guinea (Papuan Basin, Jurassic and Cretaceous), Sarawak (Tertiary), Brunei (Tertiary), Australia (Browse Basin, northwestern shelf, Cretaceous-Jurassic) and New Zealand (Taranaki Basin, Upper Cretaceous and Palaeogene). Marcus Jakeman has substantial experience as a wellsite palynologist (>40 wells, both onshore and offshore) in West Irian, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, including long-duration assignments of up to 2 months.

South China Seas
PetroStrat has recently conducted a substantial multi-well study in the South China Sea (Qiongdongnan Basin), involving >1400 micro- and nannopalaeontological analyses and a review of pre-existing data. This was followed up by long duration, multi-well, integrated wellsite services (micro- and nannopalaeontology).

Sakhalin, Russia
PetroStrat also has experience of working on both academic (with CASP) and industrial projects from Sakhalin covering the Neogene to Cretaceous micropalaeontology (including diatoms and radiolarians).