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Latin America

PetroStrat has extensive experience in Brazil’s Rio Grande, Espirito-Santo, Santos and Campos basins, including analysis of deepwater wells, multi-well correlation and review projects.

In addition, we have worked on well/outcrop material from Baja in Mexico, Venezuela, Columbia, Guyana, Suriname, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Argentina. The detailed (sub-seismic) stratigraphy of the eastern South American margin is often complex due to multiple closely-spaced unconformities (e.g. Campos Basin) and/or major structural considerations (e.g. eastern Trinidad). Hence “traditional” or widely-spaced biostratigraphic analyses may not provide a sufficiently detailed stratigraphic framework. A focussed, high resolution approach is required to provide a true understanding of the stratigraphy. We have established a strong niche in Latin America due to our regional experience and high technical standards.