Our personnel have considerable experience within the Middle East and Arabian Peninsula, having worked on many Palaeozoic and Mesozoic sections in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Oman, Yemen and Egypt’s Western Desert. Recent experience also includes multidisciplinary analyses of Tertiary sections and offshore wellsite in Oman.

Petrostrat Middle East Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia UAE Syria Turkey Yemen


A micropalaeontological study from the Cretaceous Mishrif Formation was undertaken in Iran.


We have recently become involved in biostratigraphic work from the Mesozoic of Iraq including numerous wells from the giant Rumaila Field. PetroStrat has also conducted sedimentological analyses (including petrophysical and image log interpretation) of wells in the Kurdistan region, including several wells from a particular field several years ago before international sanctions were introduced.


PetroStrat experience includes palynological analysis of numerous Palaeozoic well sections, including many wells from a field in the north of the country. Additional experience includes nannofossil analysis of several Mesozoic well sections.


PetroStrat experience includes a recent, extensive quantitative palynological and micropalaeontological investigation, including sequence stratigraphic interpretation, of numerous cored sections from the Early Cretaceous Zubair Formation. Previous biostratigraphic experience, prior to PetroStrat, also includes involvement in a regional evaluation and palynological correlation studies of the Permian to Jurassic of Kuwait.


Recent PetroStrat experience includes the multidisciplinary analyses (including both biostratigraphy and sedimentology) of 52 Tertiary and Cretaceous well sections, to provide a detailed analysis of sub-seismic features. The previous experience of PetroStrat biostratigraphers includes wellsite biostratigraphy of Early Cretaceous, Shuaiba Formation sections, while recent PetroStrat experience includes 24-hour micropalaeontological coverage at an offshore wellsite location.


PetroStrat experience includes a proprietary palynological study of Jurassic sections from multiple wells. In addition, an Early Cretaceous well section has been analysed for its microfauna, using thin section analysis.

Saudi Arabia

PetroStrat experience includes a multi-well micropalaeontology study of the Late Cretaceous Aruma Formation from the North Central Rub Al Khali Basin. In addition, PetroStrat biostratigraphers have conducted the palynological analysis of several Palaeozoic well sections and the micropalaeontological analysis, using thin sections, of an Early Cretaceous to Late Jurassic well section.

UAE – Dubai and Sharjah

PetroStrat experience includes recent real-time wellsite biostratigraphy on an extended exploration well over several months, as well as reviewing vintage data from a number of offset wells.


PetroStrat experience includes the palynological analysis of numerous Palaeozoic well sections. In addition, many of the overlying Tertiary to Cretaceous sections have also been analysed by palynology, with multidisciplinary analyses, using all three biostratigraphic disciplines, being used on several longer Neogene to Cretaceous sections.


PetroStrat experience includes a proprietary multi-well correlation study of fourteen earliest Mesozoic to Palaeozoic well sections in south-east Turkey, predominantly using palynology, but with additional micropalaeontology. A further two Palaeozoic well sections from this part of Turkey have also been analysed for palynology. In addition, PetroStrat has analysed a Tertiary interval from an offshore Black Sea well, using all three biostratigraphic disciplines.


Previous biostratigraphic experience, prior to PetroStrat, includes the palynology and stratigraphy of the onshore basins in Yemen; this included more than 30 well sections.


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