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North America (Canada & USA)


  • Gulf of Mexico
    PetroStrat has recently gained significant experience in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico, following detailed multi-disciplinary analysis of several long Tertiary-Mesozoic well sections both at the wellsite and on post-well projects.
  • Alaska
    We have experience of providing integrated Palynology and Micropalaeontology of the Alaskan area including review of vintage data-sets.


  • Atlantic Margins
    Many PetroStrat staff members have extensive experience of the Atlantic Canadian offshore regions including Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Grand Banks. This has involved multi-well review of vintage data and integration with new analyses for all disciplines (Tertiary-Jurassic). Additional experience has been to provide wellsite biostratigraphy on several deeper water wells offshore Newfoundland.
  • Arctic Canada
    PetroStrat has industrial and academic experience associated with the Arctic Canadian area including the Beaufort Sea and Baffin Island areas. The latter area has included academic collaboration with CASP using Devonian-Cretaceous micropalaeontology to integrate and calibrate with their macrofossil data.
  • North America Unconventionals
    We have gained particular experience providing integrated biostratigraphy for a variety of unconventional reservoirs and sources including the Oil Sands and Duvernay Shale from Canada and the Marcellus Shale and Eagleford Formation from the USA.