Gulf of Mexico

PetroStrat Inc is the leading American company that can analyze the entire stratigraphy of the GoM from Pleistocene to Jurassic, utilizing all three fossil groups (palynology, nannopaleontology & micropaleontology) to provide an integrated high resolution, 3-dimensional biostratigraphy.

Petrostrat North America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map United States of America and Gulf of Mexico USA GoM

Gulf of Mexico Wellsite Biostratigraphy

PetroStrat has unrivalled experience providing real-time and related post-well biostratigraphic services, with a long track record of successful projects where time critical drilling decisions are needed. We have more than 16 years of experience in providing real-time fully quantitative biostratigraphy in the GoM. Wellsite biostratigrapher teams are selected based upon relevant offshore area experience and discipline to provide an optimized cost-effective solution for each geological target.

Wilcox Formation (Palaeocene)

Utilizing a 3D biostratigraphic approach with the addition of palynology, this provides an up to 5-fold increase in stratigraphic resolution and has made us the market leader for Wilcox biostratigraphy. PetroStrat has developed a sequence stratigraphic scheme with over 20 lower order sequences now regionally mapped from the onshore Gulf Coast out into the deep water setting where low stand fan sand deposits provide the reservoirs for some of the biggest discoveries made in the US GoM in recent years.

Our experience includes:

  • Over 100 analyzed well and outcrop sections
  • Over 40 deepwater wells.  Have undertaken real-time wellsite and post-well studies, including in the prolific Perdido area.

Norphlet Formation (Mesozoic)

PetroStrat has analyzed a number of wells covering the Mesozoic section, including the deep Jurassic Norphlet target and the overlying Cretaceous formations.

Shallow and deepwater Miocene target reservoirs

PetroStrat employs Houston based nannopaleontologist and micropaleontologist staff with many years of experience in evaluating Miocene target reservoirs in both shallow and deepwater settings throughout the GoM region. Our senior micropalaeontologist is a world-class forams expert who has been on several recent deepwater successes.


Experience includes integrated palynology and micropaleontology services as well as review of vintage multi-well data sets.

North America Unconventionals

Besides providing integrated biostratigraphic services focused on event stratigraphy, we specialize in reservoir characterization using palynofacies. This is a powerful tool for evaluating paleoenvironments and source rock facies quality and potential. PetroStrat is the only American company which offers this service to their clients.

Our experience includes projects in:

  • Permian Basin
  • Eagle Ford
  • Marcellus
  • Niobrara Duvernay Shale (Canada)
  • Oil Sands (Canada)


Petrostrat North America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Canada Alaska

Canada Atlantic Margins

We have completed 3 non-exclusive Stratigraphy studies on the Newfoundland margin: an Orphan Basin Study (10 wells), Flemish Pass Study (16 wells) and Carson Basin Study (9 wells). These are available via data licensing agreement. In addition, a fourth study focused on the Southern Flemish Pass (16 wells) is currently in progress. These studies focus on the Jurassic and Cretaceous and apply a rationalised, robust, and high resolution biostratigraphic framework, based on full integration of all 3 biostratigraphic disciplines (micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology, and palynology). The more recent Carson Basin and Southern Flemish Pass studies are products of our joint venture Future Geoscience; these fully integrated studies also include chemostratigraphy, isotope stratigraphy and provenance investigations, applying the full stratigraphic tool-box!

In addition, we have provided wellsite biostratigraphy services on several deep-water exploration wells offshore Newfoundland (in the Orphan Basin and Laurentian Basin) and conducted full multidisciplinary post-well analyses on recent wells in the Flemish Pass.

Elsewhere in Atlantic Canada we have substantial experience on the Scotian Shelf (including wellsite biostratigraphic analysis) and significant involvement in a major Play Fairway Analysis (PFA) for the whole Nova Scotian margin, initiated by OETR (now OERA; Offshore Energy Research Association) of the Nova Scotia Department of Energy.  This involved the review and new analysis of Cretaceous to Triassic strata of 26 wells across the Nova Scotian margin.  In addition, we have provided biostratigraphic analysis for a 7 well Carboniferous study, offshore Nova Scotia and have undertaken biostratigraphic analysis of wells and field samples from offshore and onshore Sydney and Magdalen basins.


Petrostrat North America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Canada Newfoundland Nova Scotia Atlantic Margins

Arctic Canada

We have substantial experience in Arctic Canada, including the Beaufort Sea and Baffin Island areas. In the latter area we worked in collaboration with Cambridge Arctic Shell Programm, applying micropalaeontology within the Devonian to Cretaceous successions. Our staff are also experienced in Yukon and Northwest Territories palynology and stratigraphy (Devonian to Paleogene).

Petrostrat North America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Arctic Canada

Western Canada

We have significant experience in Jurassic to Paleogene palynology and stratigraphy in Western Canada, including Alberta, British Columbia, and Saskatchewan. This includes recent studies focusing on the Mannville Group.

Petrostrat North America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map WesternCanada


PetroStrat has now gained significant experience in Mexico, in rocks of various ages, from the Tertiary Neogene down to the Jurassic.

Petrostrat North America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Mexico

Paleogene Perdido: PetroStrat has used high resolution biostratigraphy on both proprietary projects and an in-house multi-client study. This trend of wells continues southwest from the U.S.A. and PetroStrat’s experience there has proven to be applicable on the Mexico side of the border.

Onshore: PetroStrat has analysed numerous wells, focussing on the lowermost Cretaceous and Jurassic, in the Tampico Basin/Tuxpan Platform area, as well as Cretaceous intervals of wells in the Veracruz Basin.

Offshore, Sureste – Salinas Basins: This area has become a recent focus for PetroStrat, with the wellsite analysis of an increasing number of wells from several companies including wellsite monitoring on a significant discovery (Zama) and its appraisal wells. Wellsite micro- and nannofossil analysis has proved to be invaluable and PetroStrat has now provided wellsite biostratigraphy on seven wells offshore Mexico since 2018.

PetroStrat is also planning a non-proprietary, multiple- well Sureste Basin study comprising 15 wells.


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