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Our Experience In Northwest Europe (North Sea)

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PetroStrat Region Expierience Northwest Europe

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PetroStrat Experience Maps for Northwest Europe (North Sea)

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North Sea (UK, Norway, Denmark & Holland)

Tertiary Clastics (Early Palaeocene to Pliocene)

  • Extensive experience in Central and Viking Grabens
  • Assisted in development of over 35 UKCS fields producing from Eocene and Palaeocene reservoirs
  • Wellsite services supplied on over 80 wells
  • Application of all three fossil disciplines enables high-resolution stratigraphic interpretation
    • Proven success in differentiating strata within the H1, H2, S2, S2a, S3 and S2B units
    • Vital to the development of post-Forties reservoir sands
  • Unrivalled palynological experience of Forties Sandstone Member
    • Over 150 well sections from 20+ fields have been analysed
    • Non-acid wellsite palynology applied to assist with geo-steering highly deviated and horizontal wells.
  • Wealth of experience in Palaeocene within the Lista and Maureen Formations of the UK sector and Norway, having completed studies on:
    • Andrew/Heimdal and Maureen/TY sands in the Viking Graben
    • Andrew/Mey and Maureen sands of the Central Graben

Chalk (Late Cretaceous and Early Palaeocene)

  • Vast experience in many Chalk Group developments, including wellsite monitoring and bio-steering of long-reach development wells
  • Construction of PetroStrat Northwest Europe Composite Zonation Scheme
  • Real-time data delivery in Danian to Turonian (Ekofisk, Tor and Hod/Mackerel Formations)

Early Cretaceous

  • Biostratigraphic analysis of Early Cretaceous fields and single exploration wells throughout the UK North Sea, including Central Graben, Fisher Bank, South Viking Graben, North Viking Graben and West of Shetlands
    • Includes multi-well review and re-analysis of vintage data and infill analysis
  • Work on Danish Early Cretaceous reservoirs, including the Valdemar, Tyra and Adda fields and an extensive review and re-analysis of Lower Cretaceous sections
  • Real-time wellsite support and bio-steering in UK, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch sectors


  • Numerous well studies, including multi-well correlations and wellsite support
    • Micropalaeontological and palynological analysis + Joint Venture stratigraphic analysis
  • Experts in radiolaria, useful in HPHT wells
  • Specialists in integration (and reintegration) of large regional datasets within the Moray Firth, Central and Viking Grabens and Mid-Norway,
    • Biostratigraphy, lithostratigraphy and sequence stratigraphy correlations
  • Micropalaeontology has proven invaluable during wellsite monitoring of HPHT wells where palynology is not viable.

Triassic – Permian North Sea

  • Experts in Triassic palynology in the North Sea; experience working within Skagerrak, Lunde, Lomvi and Teist Formations)
  • Wellsite biostratigraphy and chemostratigraphy (via Joint Venture, Future Geoscience) in NCS Central Graben

Southern North Sea Carboniferous

  • Real-time biostratigraphic monitoring starting in the Conybeare Group. Targets include:
    • Namurian (Alportian, Chokierian, Millstone Grit Fm) reservoir targets
    • Bowland Shale Formation – in search of deeper Visean Limestone plays,
  • Post-well analysis of samples processed by in-house labs

Multiclient studies

  • Reservoir-scale studies in the UK Central North Sea
    • Biostratigraphic study of the Sele Formation Sands
    • Reservoir geology and biostratigraphy studies of the Paleocene Forties Member
    • Biostratigraphy of the Maureen & May formations
  • Reservoir Geology Study Of Shale-Dominated Lithologies Of The Namurian And Latest Viséan In The Carboniferous. A collaborative stratigraphic & sedimentological characterisation of shale-dominated lithologies of the Namurian & latest Viséan onshore UK
  • Stratigraphic database and reservoir geology studies of the West of Shetlands area
  • A 104 well database across the Norwegian Barents Sea, including facies and reservoir observations, with correlatable Ichron Sequences throughout each well
  • Several studies focused on the Norwegian North Sea
    • Areas included: North Viking Graben, Horda Platform, Tampen Spur, Halten Terrace, Cook Formation, Utsira High and Feda Graben
  • A wealth of studies in the Norwegian Sea
    • A two part study of the Lysing & Lange formations
    • Dedicated studies of the Garn and Sub-Garn Sands complex (Ile, Tofte & Tilje formations)
    • Stratigraphic databases covering the Voring Basin,
    • Reservoir geology studies
      • Rogn & Melke formations
      • Langebarn to Tare formations
      • Nise, Springer and Tang Formations
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