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Collectively we have extensive experience offshore Norway (>150 wells analysed), having worked on the chalk fields of the Central North Sea and numerous clastic Tertiary to Late Cretaceous sections from the North and South Viking Grabens, the Central Graben and the Møre Basin, including the Ormen Lange Field. In addition our staff have analysed a number of well sections from Mid Norway (including deepwater exploration wells) and the Barents Sea. We have provided wellsite services on many Norwegian wells, including ‘biosteering’ long-reach chalk development wells.

PetroStrat has recently completed a non-proprietary study entitled “The Lysing and Upper Lange Formations; A High Resolution Stratigraphy”. This report provides a stratigraphic framework for assessing reservoir development within the Mid Cretaceous on the margins of the Halten Terrace and Vøring Basin, offshore Mid Norway.