PetroStrat has a wealth of experience in the provision of integrated biostratigraphic services within South America. The detailed (sub-seismic) stratigraphy of the eastern South American margin is often complex due to multiple closely spaced unconformities (e.g. Campos Basin) and/or major structural considerations (e.g. eastern Trinidad). A focussed, high resolution approach is therefore required to provide a true understanding of the stratigraphy. We have established a strong niche in Latin America due to our regional experience and high technical standards.


  • PetroStrat’s experience covers the range of geological age, from Palaeozoic to Holocene.
  • Biostratigraphic analyses of 12 wells from the Lower Magdalena Valley, with the review of a further 21 wells.
  • Analyses of 2 wells from the Middle Magdalena Basin, onshore Colombia,
  • Analyses of 10 wells offshore Colombia (and one further well to the east, offshore Aruba), plus 84 seabed piston core samples from the Pleistocene to Holocene.
  • Palynological analyses of 18 wells from the Llanos Basin,
Petrostrat South America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Ecuador Suriname Guyana French Guiana Venezuela


  • Multidisciplinary analyses of core samples from two well sections in Venezuela.

Trinidad & Tobago

  • A wealth of experience onshore and offshore Trinidad and Tobago (more than 75 wells), with extensive wellsite experience over 10 years, including real-time micro- and nannofossil analysis during an ongoing 3 year deep-water exploration campaign. This now operates under our Trinidad Joint Venture (Biostrat JV) based in Port of Spain and covering the CARICOM region.

Guyana-Suriname basin – Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana 

  • Analyses of five wells offshore Guyana, including wellsite biostratigraphy at two of the wells.
  • Analysis of six well sections offshore Suriname, including wellsite biostratigraphy at four of the wells, as well as the review of vintage biostratigraphic data of a further five wells.
  • Palynological analysis of samples from the Cretaceous section from a well drilled offshore French Guiana.

Atlantic margin – Brazil

  • Multidisciplinary analyses of nearly 50 deep-water wells from the southern basins of Brazil (Campos, Santos and Pelotas Basins), involving post-Salt and pre-Salt sections.
  • Multidisciplinary analyses of 1 well from the Camamu-Almada Basin.
  • Multidisciplinary analyses of offshore wells along the Brazil Equatorial Margin (Barreirinhas, Ceara and Potiguar Basins).
Petrostrat South America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Peru Chile Bolivia


  • Multidisciplinary analyses of 1 well from the Madre de Dios Basin, onshore Peru.


  • Analysis of 9 wells from the Neuquén Basin of Argentina.
Petrostrat South America Global Biostratigraphy Experience Well Map Peru Chile Brazli Uraguay


  • Palynological analyses of 1 well from the Magallanes basin, Chile


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