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Our Experience In West & South Africa

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PetroStrat Experience Maps for West & South Africa

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See something of interest, or have some questions about a specific area? Please reach out, we are here to support your project and share our expertise.

West Africa

Mauritania and Senegal

  • Multidisciplinary biostratigraphic analysis of 13 wells from a cross-border exploration campaign in the Greater Tortue area + palynological wellsite monitoring of wells in development phase
  • Data review of legacy DSDP data within the Mauritania, Cape Verde Islands and Senegal area

Côte d’Ivoire

  • Multidisciplinary analyses of 20 wells (including wellsite monitoring)
  • Review of vintage data from a further 12 wells


  • Considerable experience of the tropical Tertiary deltaic/marginal marine section; 2 well sections analysed


  • multidisciplinary analyses of 2 wells, including real-time wellsite monitoring

Liberia & Sierra Leone

  • Analysis of 4 wells in Sierra Leone
  • Analysis of 9 wells in Liberia
  • All three fossil disciplines and real-time wellsite support


  • High-resolution biostratigraphic, sequence stratigraphic and palaeoenvironmental analyses of over 70 wells
  • Correlation of the Mahogany Reservoir in the majority of wells in the Jubilee Field and adjacent parts of the TEN Field


  • Extensive experience offshore Rio del Rey and Douala Basins
  • Integrated biostratigraphic analysis of 7 wells (including real-time wellsite monitoring) + review of vintage data on a further 13 wells
  • Biostratigraphic analysis of 3 onshore wells

Equatorial Guinea

  • Recent biostratigraphic data review project consisting of 28 wells
  • Analysis of 4 well sections in the Rio Muni Basin and review of vintage data from 3 wells
  • We have stratigraphers with considerable pre-PetroStrat experience analysing wells in the Niger Delta area and Rio Muni Basin


  • Wxtensive experience of marine post-Salt and non-marine pre-Salt, onshore and offshore:
  • Multidisciplinary analysis of 20 wells; 2 wells involved real-time wellsite monitoring


  • Extensive experience of marine post-Salt and non-marine pre-Salt, onshore and offshore
  • Multidisciplinary analysis of 13 wells + review of vintage data from 14 wells


  • Extensive experience of marine post-Salt and non-marine pre-Salt, onshore and offshore
  • Multidisciplinary analysis of 16 wells
  • Onshore wellsite monitoring in Luanda

* Pre-Salt sections are analysed using palynology and micropalaeontology (ostracods)


  • Multidisciplinary analysis of 2 wells in the Termit Basin, which provided the challenge of analysing non-marine and restricted marine sections


  • Biostratigraphic analyses of 2 wells
  • Review of vintage biostratigraphic data from a further 6 wells

South Africa

  • Completed a substantial proprietary multi-well study on selected deepwater wells from the Orange Basin, Luderitz and Walvis Basins, offshore South Africa.
  • Up-date-date sequence stratigraphic framework applied to 28 wells
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