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Canadian office opens in Calgary

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Petrostrat Canada Ltd Our Calgary Base Photo of Downtown Calgary

Prior to 2020 Biostratigraphic services were unavailable in-country on a commercial scale. This fundamental oilfield service was almost forgotten in Alberta, with offshore East Coast work out-sourced internationally. Our UK team have been developing Canadian business for >10 years, including a series of successful non-exclusive studies on the Newfoundland margin. It was a logical and progressive step to establish an office in Calgary.

PetroStrat are excited to announce the opening of our Calgary office!

A warm welcome to Kimberley Bell (Palynologist and Canadian Business Developer)

kimberley bell petrostrat canada palynologist stratigrapher staff photo

Kimberley joined PetroStrat in September 2020 with the opening of PetroStrat Canada Ltd. and brings with her >10 years’ experience in Cretaceous and Paleogene palynology and stratigraphy of Northern and Western Canada. Kimberley completed her Ph.D. at the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in April 2018, which focused on biostratigraphy of Cretaceous and Paleogene strata from Yukon and Northwest Territories, Canada.

More information on the new PetroStrat Canada homepage

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