The stratigraphic development of the Coniacian to Albian sections on the Halten and Dønna Terraces and the Vøring Basin.

Petrostrat Lysing and Lange Non Exclusive Stratigraphy Study Interval

Study Aims

  • Robust stratigraphic framework and sequence stratigraphy for the Albian to Coniacian section.
  • Date and correlate potential sand developments on a basin scale.
  • Document the development of unconformable intervals around the basin margins and aid prediction of potential sand sourcing.
  • Develop a set of local biostratigraphic events for use in further high resolution work.
  • Apply nannopalaeontology to section to assist in correlation.
  • Microfacies and sequence characterisation.

Study Deliverables

  • Quantitative analyses for each discipline – focus on the reservoir sections.
  • 520 consistent paly analyses, 415 nanno analyses, 415 micro analyses.
  • 5 correlation panels showing biostratigraphic, chronostratigraphic and sequence stratigraphic interpretations.
  • Raw data from new analyses delivered in StrataBugs format.
  • Project correlations and interpretations available in ODM3™ format (, allowing integration with corporate databases (e.g. OpenWorks™).
  • Hard copy and digital report formats (Adobe Acrobat™).
  • Seminars and follow-up.


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