Petrostrat Namurian Shales Non Exclusive Study Featured Image

PetroStrat Ltd and MB Stratigraphy Ltd have completed a multi-client study on the shale-dominated lithologies of the Namurian and latest VisΓ©an in the Carboniferous of northern England and North Wales.

Petrostrat Namurian Shales Non Exclusive Study Area

Project Outline

The multidisciplinary study has refined the palynological biostratigraphy of the Namurian sequences through detailed new quantitative palynological analysis. The produced chronostratigraphy has been integrated with sedimentology, stratal thicknesses and facies distributions. It will aid exploration and exploitation of these sediments.

Biostratigraphical results have been tied back to lithological, e-log and sedimentological data where these are available. A series of regional cross-sections and palaeogeographical and facies maps have been generated.

Petrostrat Namurian Shales Non Exclusive Study Spore


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