PetroStrat Ltd has developed a non-proprietary, multi-client study on the integrated biostratigraphy of the sandstone and claystone lithologies of the Late Jurassic Rogn and Spekk formations, southern Norwegian Sea.

Petrostrat Rogn Study Datasheet Map

The Rogn Formation has a known development on the Halten Terrace, Trรธndelag Platform and Froya High in the southern Norwegian Sea. Late Jurassic deposits thin considerably to the northeast and are mud-prone. The sand-prone Rogn Formation is well documented in Draugen Field where it is considered to be Early Volgian to Kimmeridgian in age and was deposited in a shallow marine bar palaeoenvironment (van der Zwan, 1990).

However, the nature of the formation is less well understood in neighbouring blocks where the age and palaeoenvironment may be considerably different.

Project Scope

Norway Rogn and Spekk Multi client Study Biostratigraphy of the Late Jurassic PetroStrat Well Map

To refine the biostratigraphy, approximately 200 quantitative micropalaeontology and palynology analyses from BCU to top Melke Formation of 14 key wells with significant Late Jurassic coverage would be undertaken. Sampling would involve alternate micropalaeontology and palynology at 3m spacing to provide a high resolution database. The selected wells are provisionally 6306/6-1, 6406/9-2, 6406/12-1 S, 6406/12-2, 6407/3-1S, 6407/4-1, 6407/5-2 S, 6407/7-1, 6407/7-8, 6407/8-5S, 6407/9-1, 6407/9-6, 6407/10-2 and 6407/12-1 (see map). However, we welcome suggestions for replacement wells.

Future Work

A second phase to the project may incorporate a northerly extension onto Haltenbanken to facilitate the investigation into the potential for sand development. Additionally, sand development in the Melke Formation may also be investigated.

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