PetroStrat have completed a non-exclusive study on the Orphan Basin, offshore Newfoundland. The final report, comprising a complete update of the stratigraphy of 9 wells, is available now for data licensing. A completely updated stratigraphic framework (calibrated to GTS 2016) and palaeoenvironmental history is based on new data and a thorough review of released biostratigraphic data. This data should assist evaluation of acreage within this frontier exploration basin, where the C-NLOPB have recently (April 2018) issued Call for Bids NL18-CFB01.

Petrostrat Orphan Basin Non Exclusive Stratigraphy Study
Petrostrat Orphan Basin Non Exclusive Stratigraphy Study


This study commenced with a compilation of released biostratigraphy data and a review of released biostratigraphy slides, conducting re-analysis where necessary. Following “gap analysis” we accessed samples from the C-NLOPB and ran >2,000 new analyses (micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology & palynology, as required) to verify, test, and improve interpretations.

This study includes nine of the ten wells drilled in the Orphan Basin; we were not able to include the deep-water well Margaree A-49 which is scheduled for release of biostratigraphic data in November 2018 (when released this data which was generated by PetroStrat should be readily comparable with this study). Stratigraphic focus is extended from the Jurassic-Cretaceous into the Cenozoic, in line with new play concepts for the Orphan Basin. Another objective of this project is characterizing environments of deposition, via detailed integration of quantitative biodata.


  • Summary logs and correlation panels incorporate chronostratigraphy, biozones, bioevents, and candidate sequence stratigraphic surfaces (identified via integration of biostratigraphic and log criteria), all calibrated to GTS 2016.
  • The accompanying report text discusses degrees of interpretational certainty/uncertainty, explains major revisions relative to earlier interpretations, and outlines the paleoenvironmental history of each well location.
  • All new data is presented graphically and available digitally as .csv files, StrataBugs .sbg/.dex files, or as an ODM report.


The benefits of licensing this study will be:

  • Increased confidence in regional correlations. Reliable data enables confident calibration of seismic, following identification of sequence boundaries based on integration of biostratigraphic and log criteria, and quantification of the magnitude of unconformities.
  • Greater understanding of the sediment supply, basin fill, and depositional setting in terms of the evolution of palaeoenvironments, which will influence source/seal/reservoir distribution.
  • Focus extended from the Jurassic-Cretaceous into the Cenozoic, in line with new play concepts in the Orphan Basin.
  • Fully compatible with PetroStrat’s Flemish Basin non-exclusive study, and forthcoming studies in Southern Newfoundland.
  • Exceptional value for money, when compared with proprietary rates.


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