This innovative study is one of our Joint Ventures with Future Geoscience. This study builds upon previous Biostratigraphy and Chemostratigraphy/Provenance studies by PetroStrat and Chemostrat, respectively, by fully integrating all data, adding more wells and sample data, and upgrading interpretations based on new and recently released data. Licensees of earlier overlapping studies will receive a proportional discount in recognition of data already licensed.

Southern Flemish Pass Basin Study Integrated Stratigraphic framework for Offshore Newfoundland Petrostrat Featured Image


This   study   builds   on   the   substantial   eastern   Canada experience  base  of  Future  Geoscience  JV  partners Chemostrat Ltd and PetroStrat Ltd, industry leaders in chemostratigraphy  and  biostratigraphy,  respectively.  Data are comparable with recent non-exclusive studies by Future Geoscience (Carson Basin), PetroStrat (Orphan Basin and greater   Flemish   Pass)   and   Chemostrat   (several   eastern Canada studies also covering the Jeanne d’Arc Basin).

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More information, and downloadable PDF flyer, available from Future Geoscience.


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