Prior to 2020, biostratigraphic services were unavailable in-country on a commercial scale. This fundamental oilfield service was almost forgotten in Alberta, and offshore East Coast work was out-sourced internationally. Our UK team have conducted many integrated (multidisciplinary) biostratigraphy studies offshore Newfoundland since 2009, including wellsite work on deep-water wells and a series of non-exclusive studies.  In addition, PetroStrat Canada can now service the international biostratigraphy requirements of Calgary-based operators (e.g. in Colombia and the Caribbean) while redeveloping applications locally within Alberta.

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Following detailed proprietary studies offshore Newfoundland which involved full integration of all three biostratigraphic disciplines (Micropalaeontology, Nannopalaeontology & Palynology) it became clear, from released biostratigraphic data, that there was substantial scope for improving stratigraphic resolution along the East Coast. This realization sparked a series of successful non-exclusive stratigraphy studies. These studies, which are available via data licensing agreement, enable East Coast operators to upgrade and rationalize their stratigraphic framework, assisting play fairway mapping.

The Carson Basin and Southern Flemish Pass integrated stratigraphic studies were completed through our joint venture with Future Geoscience and present fully integrated biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, isotope stratigraphy and provenance data.

Sample Preparation and Analysis

Our state-of-the-art Laboratory in North Wales (UK) enables in-house processing for micropaleontology, nannopaleontology and palynology. Palynological analyses are conducted in Calgary with other disciplines (or age specialties) handled by our in-house experts in the UK or US, ensuring full cover of the entire Palaeozoic to Recent stratigraphic column and a fully integrated interpretation of the highest quality.

Should faster turnaround times be required (e.g. “hotshot” analyses to assisting drilling decisions on Alberta) then Global Geolab in Medicine Hat, Alberta, can prepare palynology slides on a hotshot basis (same day) for analysis in our Calgary office. Global Geolab has 30 years’ experience processing samples for oil companies, geological surveys, and independent consultants. Visit to learn more.


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