Thirteen Non-Exclusive Studies available

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In the last three years, PetroStrat has initiated an appreciable number of non-exclusive studies from selected areas of the world. These studies allow clients a better understanding of the (bio-) stratigraphy of areas they have interests in.

For example, the use of palynology in the Gulf of Mexico has proved to give better results in resolution and understanding of the biostratigraphy than previously obtained by the traditional methods used in this part of the world. Thanks to this PetroStrat study in the GoM, we now have an unprecedented knowledge of the Tertiary and Late Cretaceous which impacts on wellsite and routine analysis. PetroStrat will be presenting on these results at several conferences in 2019.

Other non-exclusive studies completed or underway include:

  • Sele Sands Study; Tertiary North Sea.
  • Cook, Rogn I and Rogn II Studies; Jurassic offshore Norway
  • Flemish Pass, Orphan Basin Studies; Base Cretaceous to Jurassic in East Canada
  • Deep Water Consortium; Tertiary of Gulf of Mexico, US
  • Gulf Coast Study; Onshore Wilcox Formation Study
  • Mexican Perdido Study; Multiple well Tertiary Study
  • Carson Study; Jurassic and Early Cretaceous focus offshore East Canada
  • Lysing-Lange Study; Cretaceous offshore Norway
  • Nise-Tang study; Campanian to Eocene offshore Norway
  • Namurian Study; onshore UK

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