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Quantitative Biostratigraphy 

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Biostratigraphy provides a valuable framework for understanding our planet’s complex history. It enables us to establish relative rock ages, reconstruct past environments and correlate formations (particularly useful in areas with poor seismic control and across basin margins). It is a fundamental tool in geological investigations for better understanding the subsurface and aiding in resource exploration.

PetroStrat has one of the largest teams of in-house specialist biostratigraphers in the world, with industry-leading and renowned experience and global knowledge spanning across all disciplines of micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology and palynology.


PetroStrat Micropalaeontology False Colour Ostracod
  • Very abundant in marine deposits and certain non-marine sediments.
  • Palaeozoic to Holocene
  • Versatile tool to assess paleoenvironments and palaeobathymetry.


PetroStrat Palynology False Colour Microreticulatisporites
  • Abundant in a variety of environments, both terrestrial and marine.
  • Pre-Cambrian to Holocene.
  • We offer non-acid extraction, perfect for safe and environmental use at wellsite.


PetroStrat Nannopalaeontology Fossil False Colour Helicosphaera
  • Recent to Late Triassic (0 to 237Ma).
  • Marine-only fossils.
  • Quick and cost-effective preparations, even at wellsite.

This integration of all three fossil disciplines provides enhanced stratigraphic resolution at both reservoir and regional scale that is essential for accurate seismic interpretation, regional correlations, subsurface understanding and subsurface modelling. 

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Our goal is to support your sub-surface operations by delivering concise interpretations that provide valuable insights.

Why use biostratigraphy? 

Our integrated biostratigraphy services deliver a high-resolution stratigraphic framework that can be used for:

  • Calibrating seismic picks & providing stratigraphic control where seismic is poor.
  • Interpreting paleoenvironments & understanding sediment provenance.
  • Explaining the unexpected (e.g. faults, unconformities or facies change).
  • Defining sequence stratigraphy.
  • Real-time drilling/monitoring support and geo-steering.

With one of the largest teams of biostratigraphers in the world, we are perfectly equipped to cater to all your global biostratigraphic needs, from pre-drill and real-time drilling support at wellsite to routine post-well studies and large multiple well projects in our offices.

Planning Phases

Routine post-well studies in our offices 

Wellsite Biostratigraphy 

We specialise in the provision of wellsite (real-time) biostratigraphic services and are one of the largest providers of wellsite palynological services in the world. All three fossil disciplines can be applied at wellsite to provide real-time subsurface navigation and maximise operational efficiency. 

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