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Real-Time Wellsite Services 

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We have the largest team of offshore-ready biostratigraphers in the world

PetroStrat is a leading global provider of real-time wellsite biostratigraphic services, renowned for its expertise in the field and recognised as one of the world’s largest service providers of its kind. All three fossil disciplines can be applied at wellsite to provide real-time subsurface navigation, enable more informed decisions, and maximise operational efficiency. 

Assists safety-critical

Deepwater wells are under close scrutiny and real-time biostratigraphy is a means of reducing risk, increasing confidence and potentially saving costs by reducing drilling time.  


Real-time results obviate the need to wait months for results, or export of samples. Results from a first well can then immediately  influence design of second well 

Fully comprehensive

PetroStrat provides; dedicated A60 biostrat units, a scientific team from the relevant discipline, lab technicians 


A safe, non-corrosive preparation technique for real-time palynological analysis at wellsite. A real alternative to HF-acid preparation. 

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  • Picking a casing point, coring point or well TD. 
  • Monitoring stratigraphy, e.g. for “wildcat” wells or in structurally complex settings. 
  • Geosteering (e.g. for long-reach horizontal wells). 
  • Identifying provenance of cavings from borehole instability. 

Deep water Wellsite Biostratigraphy 

Applying biostratigraphy at wellsite in deep and ultra deep waters (where drilling is considerably more expensive than shallow water/onshore drilling) provides fundamental geological data for a relatively low cost.  The delivery of this information in real-time enables more informed decision-making with better subsurface insight, reduces risk and uncertainty and can significantly save rig time. 

  • Deep water wells are usually rich in fossils, which enables detailed interpretation of sequence boundaries at wellsite.  
  • We routinely provide deepwater wellsite services in many areas, including West of Shetlands, West Africa, South Africa, East Africa, Egypt, the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Suriname, South China Seas, Brunei. 

Non-acid Palynology 

PetroStrat has developed a non-acid palynology processing technique that totally avoids the use of harmful chemicals (including HF-acid).  This has opened up huge possibilities for the application of this science in real-time at wellsite. 

PetroStrat Icon Acid Free

Non-toxic & environmentally friendly

PetroStrat Icon Wellsite

Safely apply palynology at wellsite

PetroStrat Icon Non Corrosive

Free from acid & harmful chemical

PetroStrat Icon Realtime Monitoring

Real-time results (processed in 30 minutes)

  • Discipline of choice for assisting in the picking of casing points or geo-steering in shallow Tertiary sections of the North Sea.  
  • Applied in Neogene, Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous strata in West Africa.  
  • Successfully applied at wellsite on deep water wells targeting Tertiary sand targets at depths in excess of 30,000ft.  

Hot Shot Analysis 

Hot Shot analysis offers a faster turnaround of sample processing to assist with wellsite decision making, without the additional cost of sending personnel to the rig. We can offer this service, either directly or through a trusted third party, across many exploration hot spots across the world. 

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