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Norwegian Stratigraphic Database (NSD): Voring Basin

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Study details a glance

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Key points

  • Technically consistent, regionally correlatable Ichron Sequences assigned from first returns to TD in every well
  • 37 wells newly added to the NSD
  • Key reference in this frontier basin, consistent with all NSD wells.
Voring Basin Stratigraphic Database 2017 Map

The aim of the Vøring Basin (2017) Stratigraphic Database is to provide a dataset that builds upon and refines the stratigraphic understanding established in the previous Møre and Vøring Stratigraphic Database (2009), Nordland Stratigraphic Database (2010) and the follow-up 2010 Nordland update. The 2017 study combines selected wells from the original studies with wells released since 2010. The 2017 well database consequently includes all discoveries in the area including Aasta Hansteen, Asterix, Gro, Hvitveis, and Stetind.

The database comprises a 27 well dataset covering the full stratigraphic section. The study utilises the Ichron sequences which are calibrated with the Norwegian Sea lithostratigraphic nomenclature and incorporates both the NPD (revised 2014) and Norlex lithostratigraphic terminology.


  • Stratigraphic framework and zonation scheme.
  • Local lithostratigraphic scheme applied to all wells.
  • Stratigraphic summary chart for each of the 27 wells including age, lithostratigraphy, sample data points and biostratigraphical marker events, all set against the wireline/MWD logs.
  • Correlation panels highlighting regional thickness trends, stratigraphic breaks and hiatal surfaces within the context of the regional structural elements.
  • Tabulated stratigraphic sequence depths for each individual well.
  • ODM deliverable.
  • Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundaries.

Well List

6405/7-16610/3-1 R6707/10-1

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We hope this page has given you a good overview of our study. If you have any further questions, or if you would like to discuss how this study could be tailored to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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