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UK Stratigraphic Database (UKSD): West of Shetlands (2019 Version)

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PetroStrat West Of Shetlands Coastline

Study details a glance

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Key points

  • Technically consistent, regionally correlatable Ichron Sequences assigned from first returns to TD in every well
  • Alongside BP, Ichron Limited were the key founders of instilling a unified stratigraphic terminology across the the WoS, beginning with correlating between Foinaven and Schiehallion Fields. The Ichron Sequence broadly calibrates with the 2002/2003 version of the BP/Shell ‘T’ sequence terminology and has been adopted by the majority of operators in the basin.
  • Initial 20 well multiclient database generated in 2000, has now grown to 206 wells – most recently updated in 2019.

PetroStrat inherited a rich 25-year history of biostratigraphic, chemostratigraphic and sedimentology projects across the West of Shetlands, from Ichron Limited, through acquisition of the Specialist Geology division of RPS.

Ichron Sequence Establishment Across the WoS

West of Shetlands Multiclient Database Well Map

Ichron supported the majority of exploration, appraisal, and development drilling campaigns, after first becoming involved in 1995 at the BP Foinaven and Schiehallion fields. Prior to Ichron involvement, seismic sequences were being applied and combined with biostratigraphy at wellsite to confirm stratigraphic position. Comparing Foinaven (main reservoir unit T32) and Schiehallion (main reservoir unit T31), Ichron stratigraphers noted inconsistencies in how sequences were being assigned and proposed instilling a unified stratigraphic terminology. This would involve rationalisation of conflicting stratigraphic nomenclature (i.e., biozones, biomarkers and taxonomy) that various consultants had historically applied. Data was reviewed, reinterpreted & stratigraphic zones were linked to BP seismic sequences. This regional biostratigraphic review helped demonstrate T31 and T32 at Foinaven and Schiehallion to actually be time contemporaneous.

Development of Multiclient Database

Operators that Ichron had been supporting with routine proprietary analyses, then gave permission for studies to be incorporated within a series of regionally correlatable multiclient datasets, between 2003-2014. Supplementary new palynological & micropalaeontological analysis of slides at the BGS were made to increase confidence in age assignments throughout each entire wellbore. The stratigraphy of each well was now presented within the Ichron sequence scheme, with the Ichron ‘T’ sequence notation broadly calibrating with the BP/Shell ‘T’ sequence terminology. The multiclient stratigraphic database was continuously expanded to include over 200 wells from the North Rockall Trough to the Møre Basin UKCS and include the Faroese licence area wells.

Unified and Updated Version

The entire collective stratigraphic database of 206 wells, originally made available in 11 geographically-defined subsets has been unified to provide stratigraphic interpretation throughout each entire wellbore where previously, many subsets included just a Tertiary or Mesozoic/Palaeozoic interpretation. All Ichron Sequence assignments have also been revised to capture our latest understanding on the evolution and extent of these depositional system, against structural evolution in the area.


Tabulated stratigraphic sequence depths for each individual wellPDF & Excel
Stratigraphic summary chart per well, including. Age, lithostratigraphy, sample data points & biostratigraphic marker events, set against wireline/ MWD  PDF
Correlation panels highlighting regional thickness trends, stratigraphic breaks and hiatal surfaces within the context of the regional structural elementsPDF
Stratigraphic framework & zonation schemePDF
Digital data export of stratigraphic sequences and lithostratigraphic boundariesExcel

Full Well List

132/15-1 204/20-C03 205/21-1A 208/26-1 
153/5-1 204/21-1 205/21a-4 208/27-1 
154/1-1 204/22-1 205/21a-5 208/27-2 
154/1-2 204/22-2 205/21b-3 209/12-1 
154/3-1 204/22-2Z 205/22-1A 209/3-1 
163/6-1A 204/23-1 205/23-1 209/4-1 
164/25-1 & 1Z 204/24-1A 205/23-2 209/6-1 
164/25-2 204/24a-2205/24-1 209/9-1 
164/27-1 204/24a-2Y 205/25-1 210/4-1 
164/28-1A 204/24a-2Z 205/26a-2 210/5-1 
164/7-1 204/24a-3 205/26a-4 211/1a-1 
202/2-1 204/24a-4 (A01) 205/27a-1 213/23-1 
202/3-2 204/24a-5 205/30-1 213/26-1 
202/3a-3204/24a-6 205/5a-1 213/26-1Z 
202/4-1204/24a-7 205/8-1 213/27-1&1Z 
202/8-1 204/24a-8 205/9-1 213/27-2 
204/10-1 204/24a-A02 206/10a-1 213/27-3 
204/10-2 204/24a-A04 206/1-1 213/27-3Z 
204/10a-3 204/24a-A05 206/11-1 213/28-1 
204/13-1 204/24a-A06 206/1-2 214/17-1 
204/13-1Z 204/24a-A06Z 206/12-1 214/19-1 
204/14-1204/25a-2 206/1-3 214/21a-2 
204/14-2 204/25a-3206/13a-2 214/24-1 
204/15-1 204/25a-8Y 206/16-1 214/26-1 
204/15-2204/25a-8Z 206/1a-4A 214/27-1 
204/16-1 204/25b-4 206/1a-4AZ 214/27-2 
204/17-1 204/25b-5 206/2-1A 214/27a-3 
204/18-1204/25b-6 206/3-1 214/27a-4 
204/19-1204/25b-7 206/4-1 214/28-1 
204/19-2 204/26-1A 206/5-1 214/29-1 
204/19-3A 204/27a-1 206/5a-3 214/30-1 
204/19-4A 204/28-1 206/8-13Z 214/30a-2 
204/19-5 204/28-2 206/8-2 214/30a-2Y 
204/19-6 204/29-1 206/8-4 214/30a-2Z 
204/19-7 204/30-1 206/8-6 214/4-1 
204/19-8Z 204/30a-3 206/8-8 214/9-1 
204/19-9 205/10-1 206/9-1 217/15-1 
204/19a-10 205/10-2 206/9-2 217/15-1Z 
204/19-B01 205/10-3 207/1-1 219/20-1 
204/19-B01Z 205/10-4 207/1-2 219/21-1 
204/19-B02 205/10-5 207/1-3 219/27-1 
204/19-B02Z 205/1-1 207/1a-4Z 219/28-1 
204/19-B03 205/12-1 207/2-1 219/28-2 
204/19-B04 205/14-1 208/15-1A 220/26-1 
204/20-1 205/14-2 208/15-2 220/26-2 
204/20-1Z205/14-3 208/17-1 01/12/6004
204/20-2 205/16-1 208/17-2 6004/12-1Z 
204/20-3 205/16-2 208/19-1 6004/16-1Z 
204/20-3Z 205/17a-1 208/21-1 6004/17-1 
204/20-4 205/17b-2 208/22-1 6005/15-1 
204/20-6A205/20-1 208/23-1 
204/20a-7 205/20-2 208/24-1A 

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We hope this page has given you a good overview of our study. If you have any further questions, or if you would like to discuss how this study could be tailored to your specific needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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